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Foldable Dog Water Bottle

Foldable Dog Water Bottle

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It Is EASY to USE: Exclusive patented design, according to other brands' improvement, U2mug design dog water bottle and water bowl two in one. The fold cap acts as a water bowl, and you don't need any external bowl to give your hairy buddy water to drink anymore. Press the water bottle with one hand, and the water will flow into the bowl. Fold back after drinking. It is that simple.
No WATER LEAKAGE: The top rotational buckle is designed to ensure that water does not return. The whole idea is to prevent the remaining water in the bottle from getting polluted. The sealed silicone gasket inside the cover helps to ensure that there is no water leakage, you also don't need to worry about getting your travel pack wet; the bottle can also be squeezed without wasting water even if there is only a little quantity of water in the bottle because it has a built-in water pipe.

Safety material:
1. Food-grade safe material: high-density polyethylene.
2. It is safe and non-toxic, and can be used safely for pets.
3. BPA-free, tasteless, soft and recyclable materials.
4. The different parts are detachable and easy to clean.
5. Capacity check mark. (You can conveniently provide your pet with the correct amount of water according to the pet's drinking needs.)
6. In order to improve the sealing function, we have added a waterproof lock on the bottle cap. It is convenient to feed pets without worrying about water leakage. It will not wet your travel bag.
7. Even if there is only a small amount of water in the water bottle, you can squeeze the bottle without wasting water. This is because it has an integrated water pipe.

Material: food-grade silicone + HDPE
Color: Blue 520ml
Rose-red 520ml
Tiffany Blue 520ml

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