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Foot Massager Mat

Foot Massager Mat

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Do your feet hurt after a long day at work?

Then Nuvas Foot Massager Mat is just right for you. Electrical impulses reduce swelling and relax the muscles. It is perfect for daily use and relaxation.

Improve Blood Circulation

This foot massager uses the technology of electronic muscle stimulation, which with the help of microcurrent pulses contracts the muscles and improves blood circulation in the feet. The acupuncture points on the legs are connected to different parts of the body, and this foot massage cycle promotes blood circulation and relaxes the feet.

Multiple Massage Modes

This EMS foot massager has 8 massage modes and 19 adjustable intensity levels to meet your specific needs and uses deep massage technology for effective relief. Enjoy an intelligent and quiet EMS foot massage mat with USB charging and remote control.

Our Guarantee

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