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Dinosaur Egg Galaxy Projector

Dinosaur Egg Galaxy Projector

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A Stellar Adventure In A Dinosaur Egg

The dinosaur egg projector is more than just a unique decoration. It's a gateway to an exciting journey, right in your child's bedroom. This star device combines the fascination of space and prehistoric times to stimulate your child's imagination.

From Night Lamp to Starry Spectacle

This projector can serve as an enchanting star projector when the cover is removed or a gentle night light. It has 14 unique lighting effects with bright colors and transforms any room into a fascinating cosmos.

Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

The Dinosaur Egg Galaxy Projector features a Bluetooth 5.0 speaker, allowing you to sync your favourite songs or soothing sounds seamlessly. This projector creates the perfect ambient noise and lighting for you or your child to drift off to sleep.

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